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Greetings and welcome to ACG, the Atown Crypto Gazette. Where we catalog all things weird and strange in Atown! Where is Atown you might ask? Wouldn't you like to know! We're located in scenic middle of nowheresburg. If you're here at my humble home page, you probably know exactly where Atown is. If you're a lost and curious wanderer of the web, we like to keep our secrets so our boring parks aren't flooded with amature bigfoot hunters and our scenic run down shacks don't attract too many wannabe ghostbusters. to you, curious wanderer, we're just a town (heh get it?)

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January 8th 1999- This page is always under construction! Still working on getting all the pages up and not looking like @$$. So sorry if this looks like a blind 8 year old scrawled the HTML out in crayon and then had a blind computer illiterate 90 year old attempt to transcribe it. Oh yea, also sorry if the gifs hurt your eyes and slow down your computer. Get a faster computer and better eyes.

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