Diary Of The Weird

January 9th 1999

Heard a lot of talk in the chat roomz about police scanners picking up talk about an accident on the side of the road along H street. The talk made it clear that it was a grisly accident that may have even been a murder. Cops were said to have sounded panicked. Took a hopefully nonchalant bike ride out past H street to see if I could see what the hubub was about. Saw downed poles that looked completely smashed and cop just told me it was a traffic accident. Snuck an incredibly blurry photo of part of the scene.

Went back that night to snoop around, but it was way too dark and R was way too scared, so we came back in daylight to get a closer look. Pole was all smashed up and bloody, with what looked like deep goughes in it. Unless a car was covered in spikes and blood I doubt they would have done this to the pole.

Could follow a bloody trail through the woods a bit, after a while found some weird looking tracks in the snow and followed them back to the quarry

R snooped around in an old cave, I did some snooping elsewhere that lead to a possible lead. Heard some weird shit and got the hell out of there fast.

January 10th 1999

Research has pointed to a cavein in the 1970s in the quarry that claimed 4 lives, but the 4 victims seem to have gone missing prior to the cavein. Need to look into this more.