UFOs over Atown

What's that in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's some kind of weird alien space ship from beyond the stars! UFOs aren't one of the more common sightings in Atown, but they definitely do exist and seem to have been existing in increasing numbers. Could it be because of the approaching millennium?

I got an email about this sighting just on the outskirts of town late last year, but apparently our anonymous contact says the image was captured over the summer. I believe this is a still from a video camera, but I was only given this one image and never heard from this person again. If anyone has seen the rest of the footage please let me know. This appears to be a classic triangular UFO shape, but really who knows. It could just be a reflection on the lense or a smudge. I won't know until I can see the actual footage!

The following photo is one I took myself. It doesn't look like much but I assure you it was strange when I saw it. 3 strange objects in the sky all traveling in a direct line with each other and then they zoomed and took off straight up in an instant. I've attempted to enhance the photo to maybe get an idea of what the objects looked like, but the quality is very low resolution since I was using a digitial camera.