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This page is just for random cool stuff I like. Movies and music and whatever!

Music Reviews

Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip
Wisconsin Death Trip is a pretty solid upcoming industrial metal album full of industrial noize! I love how heavy it is, but the songs are all too short. Great new band though, love their fast paced sound. It's pretty much the opposite of more mainstream industrial stuff like NIN. Push It is definitely the highlight of the album. Overall, an energetic album that sways more towards metal than industrial and definitely makes me want to crank it up to 11. 4 Stars

Massive Attack Mezzanine
Pure musical genious! This whole album is full of dark and complex sounds and beats. These guys have an almost incomparable sound and style. It's hard to pick a single favorite song off this album, but Inertia Creeps is probably my favorite. The album needs to be listed to as a whole though for it to be appreciated. It's not suited to be cut up into 3 minute singles. A great moody album that really changes the whole atmosphere when you're listening to it! 5 Stars

Hole Celebrity Skin
I want to like Celebrity Skin but I just can't get into it. It lacks the rawness of earlier Hole. Maybe grunge truely is dead, but this album is still doing a good job of taking it's corpse out and dressing it up real nice for a night on the town. Polished and well produced would usually make an album better, but with Hole it seems like it makes it just a little bit worse. Props to Love for keeping up the amazing vocals after all these years though. You've probably heard it so many times on the radio that you want to puke, but Celebrity Skin is still a really great song, but Malibu is definitely my favorite off the album. 3 Stars

Radiohead OK Computer
Is Radiohead OK? They've been going off in a more experimental direction over the years. I sometimes forget what they used to sound like. OK Computer has such a wildly different sound from The Bends, but it's still unmistakenly Radiohead. Karma Police has an absoultely killer music video, but Electioneering is the standout song on the album for me. This is definitely an album that will grow on me, but I'm just not feeling it all the way yet. 4 Stars

Movie Reviews

The Truman Show
I never really thought I would live to see the day Jim Carrey tries to play a serious role! He actually pulls it off really well in The Truman Show. He has his goofy moments, but for the most part this is a pretty serious movie about what reality means. This movie definitely brings out the paranoia in me and makes me start looking for hidden cameras! Speaking of hidden cameras, they're everywhere in this movie. It's fun to try to spot them in each scene. A lot of people complain about the ending, but it works well for the story. 4 stars

Babe: Pig In The City
This movie is cuter than it has any right to be. I could watch this pig all day! It's no where near as good as the original Babe, but I still like watching animals pretend to be people. They're better actors than some actual people. 3 Stars

Dark City
Whoa, this movie. It's a chaotic surreal fever dream. Really cool scenes and a wild dark futuristic 1940s vibe throughout. This is definitely a movie you need to just go in and watch, because otherwise someone might spoil it for you. Let's just say I really hope that this isn't the city that Babe is going to next. 5 Stars

This movie is an absolute trip. To some sort of psycotic black and white hell! Somewhere between a horror, a thriller, and a surreal nightmare. If I wasn't asleep through most of math class, I may have gotten more from it. As a bonus, this movie as a really great soundtrack. Despite the fact it looks like it was filmed decades ago, this is definitely a movie for the next millennium 4.5 Stars